Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Poisoned Mind- Good to be deaf II

Mr and Mrs Roh Moo hyun happy
time together

The death of former South Korean President Roh Moo-hyun was a shock for everyone mostly to South Korean public.

Ok this is what I know about him...

He is a human rights lawyer-turned politician. He contributed greatly to Korean politics in many ways. I no need to mention all about him can read his good and bad thing every where also in Internet.

My question to myself is why he take his own life? Knowing it will be very painful way to go. As he is going to kill himself in such way then why he said about corruption that he take money from Businessman Park Yeon Cha, was not true instead said his wife took it!! Idiot?

Not good to say but IF I were his wife...I am very happy that he dead! (oh I know I am bad!!). Now he is dead and his wife left with a bad life and will be hated by some Korean. What a love that this man had for his wife!!! Obviously Roh loved and cared about his name more than he wife. Where is in good or bad you stick with your spouse??

We all seen to care ownself than others. I used to think myself that..

-What he/she think about me?

-What others will say if I dress this?

-Other know that I am saying the right thing?

-Will he/she likes me?

-lists go on.........

After my liver transplant, I learn one good lesson myself. I will always sleep well if I know myself that it's true! For me a day more is a blessing. I know how value to be alive with my son and my family.

Yes......some of the time it's very Good To Be Deaf. Yes friends, family and people around you can be poisoned mind to you and will hurt you. Actually often! Worse in political world. I am sure if Roh knows how to switch his deafness on and off, he will be still alive.

Like it or not....."Good to be deaf to have a clean mind of yourself"...

"Too much doctors can kill the patient."...sometime.