Tuesday, October 7, 2008


The following are base on my thought and my believe only.

2007 November 14th, after long stayed in US, I plan to go back to Bangkok, Thailand via Israel with my new liver. I like to go pray there because I am a Christian and I desire to see the place. I am so glad that what I did and so please with what I saw. Very happy that I were there among the millions of tourists per year who go there for different reasons.

Same as Buddish go to India, Christian, Jewish and Muslim goes to Israel and Mecca for a Pilgrims Trips. I think Atheists go no where!

Of Course I know and believe that a place for praying is not only in Israel. Whether I pray in Israel or who pray in North Pole, the blessing or out come will be the same. This is not up to us, this is up to the Good God.

This is what I see on prayer. Lord Jesus teach us how to pray as every Christians know or hear, may be at least once in your life. Beside that Jesus never tell us that we can't pray more than he teach us.

For me prayer goes like this...

Believers part: Yes..you can pray what ever you want. This is between you and God.(No one can't judge and said "Look at him/her how foolish , see what he is praying for! A good Christians never do that.) You can pray for your health, for your children, for your needs etc.... I do have my need and I am praying for it too. I put my faith in God.

I would like to share this.......

I want a child right after my married to Robins. I prayed and prayed..for 3 year I was praying often, trust me for that. I thought I will never get a baby as so long for praying but no baby. I never gave up for begging to my God to get a baby. I said to myself if I deserved it, I will be blessed. Yes... after 3 year came my healthy boy, born with exactly 10 lbs. Then after 2 years, I want another baby till now I never get it. Yes I prayed for it just I do not get it. Why? I do not know, one thing I can answer to you is..."Not my will, thy will be done. I am still much faith in my good God. I am so thankful to the Lord for this my only one child.

Now, someone can come up with "Look Helen, there are so many stories like yours, how can you say that God give to you that child"... Here my answer is "this is between me and my God. This is my believing and my trust in God. Who are you to judge me or to other believers, saying or asking like you know everything?"

God Part: I will never ever knows how God works or how God is thinking about my prayers. Again I say, God is too big for me to understand or read God's mind. I know What God wants us to walk on (10 commandments), I know one more thing too..."Have faith in God" "Pray with faith"..the rest is God's part. Remember here one important thing, do not say "I have huge faith in God and I can do what ever I want". This is only a foolish say.

Yes God put us "the brain" in our head, we have to use our head . I often heard the story about "the Priest and the flood" (some recall this story as not Priest but a person), Actually in Lance Armstrong 's book too.

I love my God and trust him with all my heart but I will never Jump off my 16/17 floors of my condominium, saying "My God is saver and God has power to save me. I will jump off and he will save me!!!"...Let me tell you clearly "This is nothing to do with the trust and faith, this is testing or mocking the God's will".. God give you a beautiful pair of brain, use it wisely. Of course I will be flat dead if I jump off from 17 floor without any cushion.

The Priest who dead in the flood, obviously, he forgot to use his brain. (If you want God to feed you like a baby he will, but you have to open you mouth!). For me I did see that, the good God sent him a boat and helicopter etc... Did you see God help him? This story has tow views, it's depend on what you want to see.

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