Sunday, October 26, 2008

photos:Holiday Oct 2008-Rev. Paul Lewis

I knew a lady, her name is Feli who is working at the New Life Center in Cheing Mai, Thailand. NLC organization is NGO and helping AIDS children in Thailand. Rev. Paul is one of the organizers and he is my father's teacher also. When my father was young he lived with Lewis family to get education.

Feli told me Rev. Paul is here so I stoped by to say Hello! I wanted to meet him long time ago because I have heard about him many times from many people that how his works for hill tribes people are so marvelous. He does writes and speaks Burmese, Lahu and Akha fluently. He is the one who translate Lahu and Akha Bibles.

Me, Rev. Paul and Shan at NLC in Cheing Mai

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