Friday, October 3, 2008

Helen's poll after the VP debate

A guy, (I forgot his name), news commentator to CNN said, "Sarah Palin passed the test"! The poll said, Biden won 64% compare to Palin's 36%. Then another poll said popularity for Palin after this morning debate, (Bangkok Time), is 88% to Biden's 7 or 27+% (can't remember!). I do not really care these %. I agree with someone said, "she was definitely not talking like student to Head Master at all! Her sound likes talking "Senator to Senator".

Someone said, ( I can't remember the name as so many were talking this morning after the debate), "This is one of the best of Joe Biden's debate!"....I hope so, after 30 + year of working experiences with that old folks group in DC, he better knows what he is doing.

People said McCain is old, I wonder how old Biden is? He even looks like cousin to McCain, Same hair colour, same skin colour, same dress but just talked different.

Well my poll will say 50/50...but my feeling say," That Barracuda bite but just left only the teeth marks instead of should bite the whole Biden's head off" .Sorry, is my sound so bad?

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