Saturday, October 4, 2008

700 Billion

700 Billion!, As Jean said I wonder how many zeros? I do not understand so much about wall street news nor White House News. Talking about that wall street, I do not like to walk on that street because I know the feeling of walking on that street just seeing Robins. If you do not have a hard head, please do not walk on that street because it will make you a normal to crazy man soon.

My husband is walking on that street every day, watching the market, poking the computer or talking to his father...oh yes sometime he talks to the TV and Computer too. NO lie, everyday except Saturday and Sunday which is market close!!!! It is so fun to see him that just seeing the damn CNBC and his computer, his face can turn into moon or sun. I should say raining or sunshine day.

2 Things that Robins can't hold or hide his emotions are..

1. Shrimps news: If his workers briefing him in the morning that the shrimps are dead, He is dead too. If the shrimps are dying, he is dying too. Sometime, I think Robins dead longer than the shrimps. I never seen a man so much in love with his babies shrimps till I married into one.

2. Market news: Now that 700 billions news is killing him. This is not a joke people. This new can lead to lots of people can hang them self. Like people are still jumping off from Lisboa Casino in Macao. Fair ha? money can leads you happiness so does hang to dead. The other day I was with a friend's birthday party, her husband lost 400,000US$ in a certain days. Go, went and gone stages?? If you do not know how it happen, try to walk on that wall street you will know the answer.

Once I was so much envy on Robins, I tried to invest 2 companies. Limited Clothe line and Boston Chicken. (The reason: I was visiting to my Thai Princess in Washington DC, every time we went to Tyson Conner, I saw people packed at Boston chicken and limited cloth line. Guess what? After I bought that damn two companies, my money was floating down to the river stream faster than I can catch back (well part of it I left it go long period). Boston chicken was floating faster than limited cloth line.) Been there done that and got so much head aging or headache so bad that never again!

I am agree with the following article. I need to know more how that numbers, 700 billion come out? Some one must come out with 700 reasons for me to understand too... Why, How????. People blaming at Bush which is not fair. If you are a blamer, please not only to Bush (leave the man a lone please. Let him retire in peace. His hair are getting whiter and whiter), should be including all of the Treasury Department. Who is the big dog there? I should say Mr. P, right? Can't even pronounce his last name starting with P though.

If you ask me am I mad? Yes I do because I do not work but I am paying US tax, that's why I am mad! I wish my tax goes to Student Loan, Health...etc. It gives me pain to see that my money goes to 700 billion or goes to that stupid boom docks researches.

If there is a mush to go ahead for 700 billion, can they do in half only? 700 billion is too much and too much zeros. Well...That's all I want or I know to say.

September 26th, 2008
To Bailout or Not To Bailout, and 700 Billion Reasons I Don’t Understand

I’m just a regular person. I’m not an economist, and although I like to think about my own money a lot, I don’t really understand the ins and outs of the economy as a whole. But even my quiet little part of the US has big splashy headlines like “700 Billion Dollars!” on the front page of its newspapers. So I can’t help but try to understand what the heck is going on with the US economy and what the best course of action is for the future. Is a $700 billion economic rescue / bailout plan the right course of action? I wish I knew.

I know that the economic rescue plan is supposed to keep some big financial companies from going bankrupt and throwing the US economy into a tailspin. I also know that the plan was looking like it was going to be approved and as of right now, is not looking so sure any more. So what happens if it isn’t approved? Do I need to start hoarding more toiletries in case my money ends up worthless?

Okay, so I am (mostly) kidding about that last line. But I can’t help but be nervous. And the worst part for me is, I can’t figure out how I feel about it all. I read opinion pieces that talk about how is it fair that the government is bailing out companies that took risks, when it isn’t bailing out the average person’s financial mistakes (yes government, I have some student loans you could have back…) but then on the other hand I read about how our financial system as we know it could be on the edge of collapse and ruin if the financial institutions aren’t bailed out, and I start to get all panicky and freak out.

I’ve spent a lot of time reading CNN’s Financial Crisis section, and my head literally hurts. Lucky for me I got free Excedrin Tension Headache from Walgreens this month.

Get out of debt. Hoard my money in an emergency fund. Prepare for the worst but hope for the best. My financial priorities haven’t changed from what they were last week or the week before, but suddenly they feel a lot more urgent.

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