Friday, October 10, 2008

Normal Liver

Me and my son are going to our summer house at Northern part of Thailand, next week for 10 days! My grand ma ma is staying there. This morning, I went to the hospital for my blood test to know hows my Prograf level and Immune level are. Also how's my liver is doing.

My Prograf level is 7.6 (normal is 5-10) and my immune level is 273 (I need to infuse around 70), Which is I can still going for another 2 months. The nurse called and said "All normal and you can go for holiday!"...I thank the Lord for it. I really do. As a believer I pray ...

Dear God,

Thank you so much for let this liver stay with me. Thank you for let this medicine work in me. Thank you for this wonderful 2 year with Shan and Robins. Lord, I pray that please have mercy on all of the cancer patients and donor families. I believe in you and trust in you.

In Christ name, Amen.

On 30th Oct 2008, I have been living with this new liver for exactly 2 year also on that day somebody lost their love one, my liver boy. I haven't meet the family yet and this is my will, I wish I could give a hug to the parent and say, "thank you for the very consider presents". I did sent 2 letters to the family but no reply yet. The liver transplant team explained to me that some take much longer than other. In this Christmas, I will send a nother letter.

When my day come, I believe and very much looking for that I will give a hug to my liver boy and will say to him.. "Thank you son!" at right in front of my Holy God.

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