Thursday, October 30, 2008

2 Years Living Wtih The New Liver!

Two years ago today on 30th Oct 2006 , I received my new liver. Actually for Bangkok time should be tomorrow. What do I feel today , what am I thinking and what am I going to do?? I want to share some with you on this my very special day.

1. As very almost 2 years, I am looking back some of my past. Last night my memories flash back to the bad news day from a doctor, looking for the good doctors, the room that I stayed in the hospital, operation room actually rooms, CT and MRI days, doctors and nurses faces, kind and friendly people that I met in the hospital, my infusion days, some of those hospital workers who never hesitate to pray with me when I requested and touch my life, Rocky point blood lab center people, (I can still hear as they are calling me Ms.Helennnnnnnnnnnnn!), my donuts days with them, my husband and my son faces of those days, some bad days with Robins because of my Prednisone (Deltasone), one tirp with tearful drive days to and from Houston (I hate that trip!)...etc...

2. I am so happy because things that I wanted to do, some are getting done. I like to go to Israel and I did (there are some countries that I do not want to go but no choice!!). I prayed that I wish to see my son boarding school, I saw it. I said I wish to feed poor people in Christmas time, I got to do it ( I will do it again). I have so much blessing and with my liver transplant, I suddenly wake up to see others feeling, theirs difficult time for many reasons. I told to myself that I will help to others as much as I can. Somehow I have some control on my discontent, jealousy, bitterness, resentment, defensiveness and my craziness!!

I have seen a very poor congregation (not more than 70) with hill tribes people in Thailand. I wish and pray that they will have a proper place to pray together.

3. Tonight I am planning to spend the time with friends. I invited around 15 people to my house, they all confirm to come except Lan who is working with the Finance Group (as this time I do understand how busy she can be). I wish my Doctor Hemming, Doctor Nelson, Doctor Pico are with us also some nurses and a black lady driver at Shand Hospital, University of Florida.

I will go to up north again to spend Christmas with my grand mama and we all will go to Shan States to see my mother side of families. This will be a good one for Robins and Shan as for the first time to see Keng Tung and for me after 25 years, I am so willing to see my birth place! I wish to thank here to American Nurse Ms. Peggy Smith, who delivered me so bravely and walked through the battle time to my home. I am so glad that she did not get shot at, (The Shan Insurgents and the Burmese Army were fighting but never end, till today).

I will end with a prayer..

"Dear God, I am sure and believe that you are with my liver donor family today too. Thank you so much for a good 2 years with Robin, Shan, families and friends. Cancer has remission and recurrence but I do not have remission or recurrent with you Lord. I will be and want to be with you for ever and ever my God. A men!"

Indeed, God is good and God is grace!

Jesus Said, "In the world you will have tribulation, but be of good cheer, I have over come the world." John 16:33

I Love you all and so thankful that I can still say it and.......I mean it!

I have to scream one more thing, " Thank you sooooooooooo much Dr. Hemming!!"


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