Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Go Ms. Palin

What a photo of Ms. Barracuda ha? She looks good for the ma ma of 4 or 5 children! Can't remember how many she has. She looks like a hard cookie woman too. Well...She can shoot, this is good to know. In a few days we all going to know that who is our leader/vice leader for our country. I can't wish to them "Good Luck" as knowing a very very difficult years are waiting ahead of them. Who ever will be the US President, I hope they can keep their look the same as Before and After. If McCain win, I wish one thing, hope he is not drop dead, I really do wish that . I do not want to think, how's Barracuda will swim alone. Hey, I am so lack of knowledge...If Barracuda become a President (In case of some thing happen to McCain), Does she need to select hers vice President or go solo?. I wish I could be her vice because I also know how to shoot too. (Dream about it Helen right? It's a joke!!)

One of my husband's friends, Bill, his relative is going to run US President for 2012. He was suppose to run this year but back off. I should not mention the Mayor going to be Senator's name, it's not good for me. I will shut my hand for that. I told Bill, we want to go to the celebration if your bro win! How do you call that, President Ball??

Tomorrow, I am leaving to my summer house at Northern part of Thailand. Be back after a week, also planning to go to Golden Triangle. I will bring some photos for you all.

See you on my blog soon!



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