Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Naked Yoga!

How in the world is turning into this kind of yoga? Who invented Naked Yoga? Who likes it? According to this photo, surely some are doing it. For me I have a hard time to believe that Naked Yoga is better than Clothed Yoga! Don't you think so?

Naked Yoga claim that, it helps you take your soul beyond your mind and body! Hell.... No for me, I wish my soul still attached with me as long as I am breathing. I won't let my soul go beyond my body....that's mean feel dead? OK take a joke.

Said, Naked Yoga encourages a new appreciation for physical, mental and spiritual being your self. Let me tell you, every time you get naked for what ever reasons..... and feel that you are not being your self, please go see the mental doctor quickly.

Reminder from me: Who ever loving to do the Naked Yoga, please remember that always take the first roll or make sure who ever in front of you are beautiful!

Liberating Experience of Naked Yoga
Posted on August 16, 2007 in Latest News

Practicing Yoga is altogether a liberating experience. Yoga is a philosophy in life that helps in the overall development of your body and mind. In fact Yoga helps you take your soul beyond your mind and body. Among the most liberating techniques in Yoga, Naked Yoga or Nude Yoga has been given immense importance.

What is Naked or Nude Yoga?

As the name suggests, Naked Yoga is a yoga technique practiced without any clothes on your body.

Benefits of Naked Yoga:

The initial feeling attached to this concept of shedding your clothes and being naked might be very unappealing and also offensive. But when practiced, this opens up new liberating horizons for you. It teaches you that there is nothing uncomfortable about your naked body. In other words, it liberates you by making you feel ‘at home with your body’.

Naked yoga may prove a hard task to grasp in the initial days. This is because nudity can be very distracting and may be a challenge to your concentration. But, with regular practice and with the help of your Yoga instructor, you can win over these distractions. The major objective during the sessions of naked yoga is to enable you to feel free in your body and eliminate concerns about your physical imperfections. This technique can help you win over the discomfort about your body and self-consciousness.

Nudity is usually discussed as a socially unaccepted practice in both eastern and western continents; because of which naked yoga has been taking a back seat in all continents. But the positive motive of this yoga has been converting many Yogis to become ardent proponents of naked yoga.

In a nut shell, naked yoga encourages a new appreciation for the physical, mental, and spiritual being in your self.


lmyriam said...

ho ho! ton mail clairement fait appel à mon commentaire sur ce sujet
1er: yoga n est pas de la gym, mais une harmonsiation du corps et de l esprit afin d entrer en contact avec son SOi supérieur (âme).donc la nudité pourrait être considéré effectivement comme un facteur libérateur.s afficher nu c est s accepter , accepter l image que l on donne de soi , et surtout se ficher du regard des autres.
il est clair que les individus se cataloguent socialement selon leur apparence, leur tenue vestimentaire.
les vêtements sont autant de voiles entre soi et le monde et entre l ego et le Soi .
tu voulais mon angle de vision ....voilà !
la question que tu voudrai me poser en l instant est sûrement ''ferai tu yoga nue?'' ma réponse est ''non'' non , car je n ai pas besoin d appartenir à un groupe, d afficher mon indifférence pour eux (par ma nudité) pour savoir qui je suis ...
si tu veux savoir si je me mets nue sur une plage ? oui ! parce que je m en fiche du regard des autres, et parce que j adore la sensation du soleil ou du vent sur ma peau et que je déteste le tiraillement des élastiques du maillot !!

Anonymous said...

Helen, I'm with you. Yoga may be good for the soul, naked yoga is probably good for the eye of the beholder. I know I couldn't do it.

Helen said...


Ce bone parle de Imyriam! Por moi, n est pas nudite por yoga et don la sur a la mer osi. Parce je ne pa jollle por nue.

Je sui tre tre fat Myriam. I know My French writing is suck!

Sundee said...

Too much naked. I don't like and I want to vomit it. Like GHOSTS.

Anonymous said...

Hey they are very good looking, I don't mind to watch them!

Heheln said...

To watch them is OK but to participate with them is another story right?

If I ever do yoga I rather be the clothed one!!

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