Wednesday, August 13, 2008

summer 2008

We took.... may be 600 photos!

This is in Williamburg, VA. A nice historic town. I am sitting on the prisoners's toilet. I was amazed to see that the English's toilet is higher than the beds!

Tom Petty's shows! Another amazing to see that how Floridian are crazing about Tom!! People around me were screaming, dancing, and ofcourse drinking!! Having real fun. They group are origin from Gainesville, actually Robins's neighbour.

Remember I went to see my son future High School? This photo is in Mercersburg, Penn. State. The couple is the owner of former US President James Buchanan's house. It's a beautiful house, 11,000 Sq ft! Big House!

My son, Shan's future high shcool. In 3 years he is going to this boarding school. Shan just went the Tennis Camp in here, Van Der Meer Tennis! I was told that President Jimmy Carter's daughter, Amy also went to this Tennis Camp. This school produced smart, famous and good people as 2 Presidents, Some actors Examp...Jimmy Steward the other dude, I forgot his name???? attended this school . Hope my son become one of them. Well I said my wish!

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