Thursday, August 21, 2008

Monkey @#$%

Notice: Read or No Read up to you !

Last Sunday, I saw a horrible article in the magazine while me and my family were having breakfast! The article was about one of the African countries (forgot the name of the place), people are Bar-B-Queing the monkey. I saw the picture that the money was even not properly clean, (I mean all the guts are still in attache) and the nails are obviously not cut off as chicken!!

When I saw the article, my memory flash back about a kind of Mountain people living in Shan State are eating Monkey's @#$%! No joking! It is calls, in Burmese "Myonk Chee Khar"!! Please do not judge that they are barbaric. When people get hungry they will eat what ever they can find (Well to be fair...human shouldn't eat @#$%). Of course here I went into my Internet looking about "people eating Monkey @#$%"... I was so amaze to see that there are over 40 pages about Monkey @#$% (please understand how I spend my some days, some of my days are boring, nothing to do beside taking Vitamina for my health)!!

My Internet even told me that there is a kind of coffee call "Monkey @#$% coffee"......then other connecting article said, "in China people are so liking the Dog Meat that the authority set the rule one dog per house hold!". Hey if you want to know about , well... I should say as your general knowledge, one research group said ..... "It take a monkey only 5 second to @#$% but human being take 10 to 30 minutes. " ( I think the researcher are wrong for the people because it depend on how constipating you are!!) ...Hope you agree!

One of our friends, His name is Dr. Ralph Lewin (you can Internet about him too), he found one kind of alge and he is famous (I was told that his fellows who alos found the other alges, most of them are dead). He is also the professor of our good friend Dr. Arlo. One day I do not know what in the world in Dr. Lewin's brain, he wrote a book call "Merde"...mean "@#$%". That book is nothing but only about @#$%! He gave me that book as a present (with his signature, posted from his summer house from England), when he came to Bangkok 5 years ago I believe. I was so enjoy reading his book..lots of information folks. He even did research that how much water is consuming for toilet per day in California State... What a information isn't it??

OK back to Monkey eater, I think people should eat real stuff, like vege! Well most of the animal eat vege so whats the different. The following 10 food are very bad but some people are eating...

1. Fish eye balls.
2. Pig's balls.
3. Civet's @#$% , oh yeah I found out that it sell 120$ to 600$ per @#$%. Japanese and American are the most consuming.
4. Ox Penis.
5. Monkey brain.
6. Ducks tongue.
7. Rat soup.
8. Balut-Duck fetus.
9.Sneak blood!
10. Tiger bone soup.

Question: What in the world am I writing about this @#$%??

Warning: @#$% = poop for me but on Internet it is the other one!

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