Sunday, August 24, 2008

Airport and airline

I have been in and out, to/from United States since 20 years ago. Before 9/11, every time I touch down US soil I feel so safe and so happy. Airport securities people were with happy face, made me feel so welcome. When I was living in Central America, mostly my first airport was Miami (many many times). Now I live in Thailand ..I fly to mostly LA, Chicago, New York, San Francisco and once to Seattle and then to Orlando. After 9/11, you all know that flying is not easy take more time, more check up etc.....

I do not mind that airports are more careful about security. Actually I like it I do not want to die because of the bad guys. I thanks for security guys's hard work. Now we have to take out the shoes ( I don't like it but understand), which is I never think that will happen! I respect what the airport security's procedure are if even the rule is to pass NAKED under that machine, metal detector, I will... (if you all do so, I will do too), but this time I have a unhappy experience at LA airport.

You know that TSA or TCA (what ever correct one is), guys who check our hand carriage? I do not like some of these guys in LA. Let me tell you what happened!........ I use all my make up or my face stuff only fragrance free. I use this liquid Neutrogena facial cleansing, 8fl oz (236ml), by the way actually half already used up for this trip. I always bought one or two bottles back to Bangkok. Never problem before till this trip (which is not even full bottle), as I flied from Washington DC to LA then to Bangkok, The Dallas (Washington DC) airport security guys they did not bother by my face bottle at all. But when I got check in LA of the security dude told me "You can take this bottle"..I said "Why?" . He said, "it is over limit" (he told me can't take over something ml, I can't remember).. I got bla bla bla to him. I think he can't take it anymore of my big mouth so he said "You really want this right, OK go out again and throw out some (as he pointed me at my bottle) till here".. I went out, came back and I got called by an ugly lady, (may be 55 or ?? she was ugly inside and out), and she said "You can't take this bottle"..I went so up set and told her "You know that guy over there told me to throw out some and to come back!" then..... She turned her head to, may be her supervisor and told him "We can't tell such thing don't we?" and go bla bla bla. I do not like the words came out from her mouth at all. So I got fed up and told her "fine!" and I walked through!

Then I saw a young TCA (???) security guy who watched the whole thing came over to me and said..."What happened?"..I told him all the story again. I was bad, I remembered that I used the language "Ass @#$%^" preferring the supervisor who talked rude and acted rude saying "you can't take it" and throw my bottle into the basket with very rudely!... ( The funny thing is when I apologize for my Ass#$%^to that young guy, he told me "No no no it's good, say louder"!! I laughed so loud for that). I told the young security guy that "I have to use a certain thing for my face as my dermatology said "blue Lizard" for my sun cream as this face wash has no Fragrance which I need it"... he took me to the higher position guy and .... he gave me permittion to take back my bottle. It was happy ending. Such thing never happen before so I was a bit angry too. I got back because of saying "my medical purpose!".. which is true!!

I understand what these security guys are doing what ever they have to do but I do not understand that one airport is OK and then the other airport is not OK.... I wonder what they do with that basket full of lotion or what ever in it???. I hope they donate to the Salvation Army, I mean it!

Now see how the airlines confuse me......... Last year when I went to Israel to see my Christ's birth place, I took the Delta airline from Orlando to New York. At the McCoy airport the airline said my luggage was over weight and I had to pay! (I think 100$)...but when I came back to Bangkok (by air El Al), the Israel airline did not charged me a nickle! (I had bought some more clothes from the Italian Boutique mean more weight!!). So did happened the same thing in Dallas air port too. Robins's luggage was 4 lbs over weight and said, need to pay 100 $, but I said to Robins to take out 2 bottles of Vitamin and put it into Shan's luggage but the lady at the counter was nice enough to say... It's OK no need to do and let us passed!!

Flying is not easy anymore, more rules and more restricted. If I can go to everywhere (including to USA) by Donkeys for 2 days, I would do it happily on the donkey!!

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