Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Shan's birthday


Shan and his father

Shan at Ceder Key, Fl.
At our Lawyer friend's house!

Shan, my son is going to be 13 on 31st of August. His full name is Robins Layshan McIntosh. I got this child after 3 year of my married. I thought Iwon't be a mother as I had to wait for 3 years... but...by the blessing I got one!

He was born in Guatemala by choice. My mother in law adivsed me that I can make this child in Gainesville but I made him in Guatemala, at El Pila, Spanish Private Hospital. He was with 10 lbs weight and a long long boy. His first language is Spanish and then come the English! He was the biggest baby on that night and his nick name is " El Gordedo"!! The nurse gave this name to him.

Shan this is for you: Thank you so much for being a good child. In deed you are a very good kid as never cursing at us, not slaming the door and a polite boy. Hope you can maintain this attitude and growning up as a "Fear of God" Child. If you do not understand what is "Fear of God Child",...one day, ma ma will explaing to you!

"Lord, thank you for another year with Shan. It is so good life Lord. May you be the one who lead my Shan's life forever. Amen"