Saturday, August 16, 2008


1. Amish family outting!
2. A town name Intercourse locating
near Amish people lives

3. Me with Amish cows! they are 80 of them! I ran off because the smell of the cows almost kill me in the spot! The milk are good but the smell are not good at all.

I looked for the meaning of what is Amish in my dictionary. Ofcourse I do know more or less whats the Amish are! In dictionary said "Relating to or designating the adherents of Jacob Ammann a 17th century mennonite, mean a set of Mennonites founded by Jacob Ammann"....Now I am going to see What kind of man the Jacob Ammann is?......I am going in my internet to look for him!!

When I was in Penn. State, I saw lots of Amish there. The Amish vehicle, it is to say???? OK very different fromt the rest of United States. They are very neat as pulling by a horse. They are treating so well by the Penn State as they have their own lanes in most of the roads. Once in a while I saw the sign post said "Keep Penn. State clean"...I was thinking how could it can be maintain the Penn. State clean?? As so many Amish horse carts are on the road and the horses @#$% are all over the streets!! No Joking, the @#$% are all over.

I love the Amish people, they are simple and very much to their families. We went to tour one of the Amish house and learn lots of Amish culture or I should say I learn that what they believe, how they lives etc.....I respect them but there are some points that I couldn't understand why ...ok so many why why why.....Questions!

The following are what I did the thinking when I was in Amish Village.

1. If you opened the beauty shop in around Amish villages, you will be poor in a short time because no one put make up on...But.... if you opened the black shoes shops, you will make the money there for sure.

2. The other thing I am thinking about I am crazy about good cars like europeon cars but they love the horse carts which is so slow, can you imegin to drive from Gainesville to Washington DC??. The only benifit I see with the horse cart is, you no need to buy the gasoline but what the different?? You still need to feed the horses may be 3 or 4 times a days!

3. There an old Amish lady, I saw her at the Amish tour house. I told her as I saw she was using so many pins on her blouse, I mean pointy paper pins without safty . My big mouth goes without thinking and said to her" Oh.. you do not have buttons becareful the pins will poke you"...She was looking at me with her mouth wide opened and speechless! I learn that the older Amish ladies are not allow to use the buttons at all. Do not asked me why because I forgot! You can go into internet as I do if I do not understand something. Internet become a big teacher of my life.

4. I also learn that when a Amish reach a surtain age, the Amish need to decided that he will be Amish for the rest of his life or say ...rebellion! The boy who decided that he did not want to be Amish any more and gone but after some time he changed his mind and come back to his Amish village, that boy will be living like in hell as the Tourist Guide explained to me. The boy will be no friends, need to sit a lone in the church and will face very very small small forgiveness.

5. The Amish do not likes so much colour, they love gray and black! They wear uniform type of clothes like China in 10 years a go!

OK I must stop here because I need to rush to foot massage. If you find some mistake in my writting, as always...OK you can read as you wish! I haven't edit this blog yet!

PS. I love the Amish food. The cow meat are good! and............
@#$% means poop not the other one!