Thursday, August 14, 2008

Plane ride with Elanor

If I can, I always tried to get the first roll in the plane since I got my new liver. I am still very careful of sitting among the people in the plane. Asked me how many time I clean my hands!! Luckily this trip, the only people in front of us is the Pilots!

When they boarding the plane in Dallas, Washington DC, I was sitting with my son. Robins was the same roll but the other side. Then an old lady came in with air line helper and seated her next to Robins. I did changed my seat to Robins's knowing he will be happier with his Son.

Elanor is the lady's name. She is 93 years old with well make up, good looking, nice diamond ring (remember I am a jeweller!), black top with light brown pant! She is a beautiful lady even with 93 years old. I like her red lipstick colour!!

Some of my friends who travel alots told me, how good looking guy is next to them and the smell was wonderful, how his eye's colour is all bla bla bla and he he he.......but I never have that kind of chance yet! For me most of the time fat, sometime very fat man next to me. Some time their smell are strange (well I am not sniffing but as you know the seats are stick together), some are snoring so loud too. I wish you see the man who seated next to me last year trip from New York to Tel Avis!! He is huge..way way huge and eat so loud, burbs so loud too..(me and him were in the first class folks!!). I was restless on that trip for can't even sleep because of his lousy snoring.

When I seated next to Elanor, I thought "an old lady????" but turned out to be a very pleasant trip and 5 hours to LAX was gone fast!

We starting conversation, it turned out to be a very nice conversation. She used to live in Florida, owned 2 club houses. After her best friend die she move to VA with her son and a daughter in law who is a doctor. The following are some of hers conversation that I wanted to share...........

" Helen, I do not want to stay with old people house. I like different people...mostly I like young people like you! Conversation is more interesting. Old people, they only talking about their health, and complaining most of the time"

"Helen I did lots of Cross Wards and knitting, this is the way I exercises my brain"

"I got a new doctor and I like her alots. The first one, she ignored me and I do not like her at all"

"Helen you do not eat? why ?? here take my chicken and eat it..(with loving ordered and she scoop her chicken grill salad into my plate! I goes oh oh oh )"

"You know that Prince Charles don't you! He came to play polo in the club once, oh..we ware the best and the bigger hat!" ( I told Elanor that Prince Charles looks like horse face... she goes...kee keee keee keee)

"Bill, my husband die with liver cancer!" ( I told her my liver problem and she told me I am lucky, I told her that "yes.... I am very bless for still breathing!)

"My husband and I had the best time, we stayed in Mexico beach house and went to all over the Europe, he is good looking man ( I still can see the love that she has for her husband)".

"Can you do the cross words with me" ( I told her that my English is very bad to do that, she doesn't believed it though!)

Then on TV, the show was about Olwen brothers biography! Then the new was saying how's actress Kate (I won't mention her last name in respect of Elanor) relation with one of the brother went bad!....Elanor poked my arm and said..

"Do you know that she is my relative, Her mother Golden is my niece....Well the mother is not even married with this guy but they are together for along time but I do not know what happen with Kate..."

I asked her will you visiting to them????....she said "Oh Golden lives in Canada, I do not have time to go see her this time"...............

Why I mention about Elanor??? Because her soul is so young to be with and lots of thing can talk with her....mostly she smiles and laughs!!

I was reading this week Newsweek magazine and found "What Old Age Taught Me" by Kirk Douglas.... He said " Old age, if you are lucky enough to reach it, is a unique esperience in life. You have to find the key to dealing with old age...."

He also said "As you get older you lose so many friends, you feel lonely, you get depressed. Depression is the greatest obstacle of old age. Depression is caused by thinking too much about yourself. Try to think of others, try to help them. You will be amazed how that lessens your depression. That satisfaction is priceless"

Lastly what I like of him said "Now in my golden years, I 've learned that you can't know how to live until you know how to give"....

I am so happy to see old peole like Elanor, my grand mama and Kirk Douglas.

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