Friday, August 29, 2008

Mama Mia and Hari Puttar!

I am so glad to see Robins went back to the office today! Shan and Robins was sick the same time with flu. Shan is very quick to recover as one day sick but Robins was sick with high fever for one week. Here I am with a new liver, with immune suppressor, was in a good condition.

Anyway to be changed the subject, Last month when I was in Gainesville, Fl., I went to see Mama Mia. I love it! It is very entertaining. I went to see the movie with my mother in law and Jone Mandenhall. I love music so this is the good movie for me. Well... I love music but not opera. OK you can call me that me, Helen Layshan is no high class because of not liking opera (I wold say a particular musical which is so loud), let me be in the low class (By the way for me class is not what you like or how much money in the bank, class for me is how you present). I have friends, they love the opera saying sad, romantic, dramatic or happy? (some will talk, how many time in New York Opera house). Nothing wrong with that but I just do not understand that's all. I do speak Spanish, I understand well Franch even though I still do not like Opera. be fair I enjoy Carmen (only one).

I remember that long time ago when Richard Cladaman performed the show in Hong Kong, ticket was not cheap either say...good prize. I got invited by my good friend Dr. Moss, and his secretary. I felt at sleep in 15 minutes, I was so embarrassing because Moss told me that "So good to invite you Helen"... I like Michael Jackson, Nora Jones, Amy Winehouse, Bryan Adams, Bee Gee....ta ta ta ta ta.....Now Mama Mia makes ABBA comes alive! You know who I do not like much? Randy Newman is the answer! He make me laugh but I feel he is a bit rude.

Robins do not like music so much except...Tom Patty! Anyway I will make him to go see Mama Mia if he is not going, I will break his legs to go with me. Last time Shan toke us to see Indiana Jone, Robins slept till the end! Mama Mia is open in Thailand yesterday!

I had read news today which is make me laugh. Do you know Ballywood don't you? OK Hollywood is in USA but Ballywood is in India. Got it? Do you know Harry Potter? Of course you do and we all know that wired movie. Now the Ballywood is making a movie call "Hari Puttar"!! I will only say.....Mama Mia! Hope they will success.

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