Wednesday, August 25, 2010

This week

After one month for no tennis, I am starting to play this week. Normally I play 3 times a week and 2 days in the gym. Robins bought me a new nice racquet from the States which I tried it out today. Not bad at all.

Robins is in China so the house is so quiet. Shan is studying for his boarding school entrance test. The admin. are coming to Bangkok to interview my Shan. I can only say what a "Cool" school. Hope he pass it!!!

My friends are asking me that am I ready or not for my son going a way. One thing I know is I will be missing him alot. What a love that we all mothers have don't we?

But my son is ready though. One of his best friends, Jee is already left this year to Canada! Some how in Thailand people let their children go to Boarding School very young (not for me). Sometime as young as 10 years old. Robins left home also when he was 15. By the way my son will be 15 end of this month. I thanks God for my son is healthy and happy boy.

I have some orders for my business. The problem is now Gems are getting rare and hard to find. Anyway Gem Trade Show is coming soon, 1st week of Sept. As always I will be running around and checking out some good stones.

One request: If you say a prayer tonight please please put my step brother in. He is living in Macao. He is passing difficult time and a man who is facing the world so uneasily. I am trying to help him but........................

Well I guess help is works only when you accept it.

Now I just wanted to cry out, "God please help me!!"

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