Monday, August 30, 2010

In hot and out hot

Thai food is becoming global food for many many years now. Almost every countries have Thai food. There are two Thai restaurants, Bahn Thai and Tim Thai in Gainesville Florida. The food is not bad at all. Well I should say eatable! Once you live in Thailand you knew that it is real Thai food or not.

In Guatemala, my friends and I had several Pad Thai Party. They all love Pad Thai!!

In Thailand depend on regions, we had different kind of Thai food... ie.... Northeast food, Northern food, Southern food and main Thai food.

Today...... Lan, my friend took me to the special Southern food. The restaurant is not so far from my house. I forgot the name of the restaurant though. The owner (the husband), used to work at the foreign service. In the shop you can see the husband photos with, who that guy name..... Oh yeah the Queen Elizabeth's husband, his name is Prince Phillipe right?, Him with different famous people hanging on the wall. Lan told me he is dead.

First thing I notice is the Southern food is mostly yellow color. To day Lan ordered fried fish with Turmeric and Garlic which is yellow colour, fish and bamboo soup also with yellow color, rice salad and a green vege which I never ever eat before in my life. To be honest I do not like that vege much. Strange flavor!!

Second thing I notice is ... the food are very hot! I used to like hot food but now after my new liver, I just do not like too hot food any more.

Talking about food, I do not like bread also. I do not like burgers nor hot dog!! I was born with rice and growning up with rice. But right after my new liver get into my life, I wanted to eat so much peanut butter toast and I did eat it alot. I would eat my breakfast mostly a cup of coffee, peanut butter toast and strawberry fruit juice.

Back to lunch to day.... finished the lunch and back to home at around 1 pm. Took my nap then my stomach got hit by Southern attacked with Southern Food!! It was unbelievable pain and I was running to the toilet for 4 to 5 times. What can I say....

In hot and out hot is what I am feeling now!!!!

Southern Thailand food is good just make sure not so hot.

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