Sunday, August 22, 2010

Me Back!!!

After long holiday I am back to Bangkok. Since I got my precious new liver, for me holiday means medical check up + holiday. CT scan said I am clean. Again I am still living by the mercy, this is never being a doubt. life is good!

When I was in USA the following news was what I read.

Anne Rice write.... "In Denver, Colorado two brothers embraced before going into surgery for a liver transplant. Ryan Arnold, age 34, was donating a part of his healthy liver so that his older brother Chad Arnold, who had an incurable liver disease, could live.

This type of surgery is rare and not without risk. After what seemed to be a successful surgery complication arose. Within four days, the donor Ryan Arnold died while his brother Chad lived.

Ryan and Chad's father fought back tears as he broke the new to Chad with the simple words, "I have some bad news. Ryan's gone but we sill serve a good God."

When I read this new, I feel pain in my brain and in my heart. But me also still serve a good God!!! If you ask me why one die and one live? Why God can't help for both brothers to stay?

I have no answers for that. Simply because I am not God but again.... I am still have faith in my God.

I came back to Bangkok Via Germany and France. By the way it was very nice to see friends in Germany who taking part of my life and thoughtful. Paris is so beautiful. Beautiful on both City and people (I means the way they dress, their look).

On the Lufthansa flight from Orlando to Frankfurt, I was seated next to a man from Zurich. The plane was full and every seats were taking in the first class. OK Lets call him Matt!!

Matt and his family (wife and 3 daughters), 3 were in the first class and 2 were in the Business class. Matt and his family was supposed to go home earlier but he got emergency surgery in Orlando so their booked seats were taking and their reseats were splited seats.

Matt appears is obvious, he looks not a healthy person. Every one can noticed it. He looks not over 45 year old. His skin colour was not fresh and he was very thin also. He said hello to me as he was next to me and from then we talked and talked.

When I told him I am a liver transplant receiver because of liver cancer, without a pause he said, "I have cancer and it's all over. Doctor told me not so long. I stop the treatment now and taking holiday with my family." Let me tell you some thing here...... if a cancer person (what ever this person cancer situation is), meet another cancer fellow..... we feel we are a family. I looked at him when he said he is dying I was chocked. Then I can't speak any more just feel so sorry as his daughters are still very young.

Matt is a regional director (Asia), of a very big bank (I do not want to mention it), and also own computer parts making company. He has to visit Hong Kong and Singapore often to see his business. After we talked about family, life, and health, this is what he said, "I am a successful business man and I do have wealth but I can't take it with me. Now for me is a time with my family is the only real wealth that important to me." I hope this is not too late for him.

I cried inside me without tear. I do know very well that what this man feels. I can't speak and I just stop talking and be a listener to him. I just wanted to give him a hug say, "I know what you are saying and what you feel. I know very well also that how much you do not want to leave your family behind." But...... this was not come out from my mouth I just shut because I can't talk anymore.

I noticed that he drinks alot. As usual good class in the plane gives you plenty of wines and alcohol. May be he is having a good time what ever left for him.

I wish and hope Matt will still have more time with his family!!

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