Tuesday, August 24, 2010


In German language "Azoe" (Ah-zoe) is like... in English "is that right!" or "Oh yeah" something like that. Ok I might be wrong here but I hear it all the time they are saying ......Azoe, Azoe and Azoe.

I met this Lady at the Frankfurt Airport. For my own experience, German are more friendly, more relax and more helping ..ie asking information, they will help you willingly. We walked down to the airport where is the train station to Dortmund. She was going another town also.

Looking at my ICE (speed train), ticket... all are in German. She speaks very little English but she tired to commute with me was very kind of her and I appreciated. She said, "Yah yah no problem, I help."

So we walked down the building and we sat that bench and were waiting the train together. I forget her name though!!! She said to me,"Chineze?". I said, "NO.. Shan, Lahu , American!" She said., "A....zoe!"

In one point she was asking me "Married?" but she sound was kind of (Mar-rit)!!.. luckily I still can understand her. I said, "Oh Yes, very married" then she said, "A..Zoe!" again!!

I told her my husband and my son is back to Bangkok already . Here come again she said, "A..Zoe!" Then she told me about her life...

She said, "I married one, German man yah yah finished... then I boyfriend with American man. We got one baby yah and he no married and gone, fly fly ...AZoe"

After 40 minute waiting the train I, myself feel free to starting agree with her , "A...zoe" !!!

Then she raised her voice and said agian.."Yah yah he is A...zoe!" But I realized when she said "Azoe" this time her sound slightly different than hers before "Azoe". So I pay really attention to her and then I found out what she was really mean to say. This time her Azoe was sound like (Arssss..sol) .

I said to her, "What?" Then she said again, "American man no good Arsss sol!" Then I got the point and said , "You want to say asshole to him." She was so happy that I got to understand her. Then she shouted with joy and said...."A Zoe!!!"

In that moment we both had lot of laughing. Then I said to her.....,

"My American husband is not "Arsss sold"!!! She laugh with clapping her hands and said,
"Gut, gut, gut!! "(means good!)

What a laugh that I got with this lady after 7 hours and 30 minutes flight from Orlando, Florida!

Well...life you never know ha!

I told her that I want your photo. She posted for me with the fingers up and said..., "Sand kue!!" means...'Thank you!!"

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