Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Shan and his ma ma, me!

My son turn 15 today! Happy birthday to Shan!!

My son was born in Central America on 31st of August. He was born weight 10 lbs and tall 20". One luggage of his baby clothes were never being used. I end up came home with him a clothes from the hospital because he was a big baby. He wear the size of 3 months old baby clothes when he was born.

I think I did mention it before one of in my blogs that I got this boy after 3 years of my married. I thought I will never become a mother but surprise surprise..... I got him and I thank to my God Jesus for this beautiful boy. One of my big blessing!!

Shan is now speaking 2 languages and he understand Thai better each day. His first word is "Ma ma" and second, "Aqua". Speak mostly Spanish as the nanny is only Spanish speaker.

Back 15th year ago on 31st of August, a kind of love that I never feel before was born on that same day too. As all the mothers, I feel a huge love inside me and till today that love never gone away.

I love you Shan!!!

I just want to say a short prayer today,

"Dear God,

Thank you so much for Shan. The joy that you give us is so clear and so precious. I want to be a good mother to him and Lord, please help me to be one.

I know this child is a blessing from you. Please use him as thy will. When Shan starting his new school next year, Lord may my son go with thy angels protection. So help us God!

We love you and we have faith in you.

In Christ name,



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Mie Helal said...

Keep it up