Friday, August 27, 2010

Brother Tiger!

I am doing lots of thinking since Tiger Wood's divorce news is on TV. I do not know him nor his wife but it is still bothering me. OK let me tell you more.

I do not care how many times this brother Tiger divorce or cheated to any women he married into but I do feel so bad for his 3 years and 19 months old Children.

Tiger said, "We are sad that our marriage is over and we wish each other the very best for the future," Woods and Elin Nordegren said in a joint statement released by their lawyers.

For me, NO they are not sad!

I do not think he is really sad nor thinking about his children. Yeah right, some of you might think that he has money so all are going to be alright. Wrong!

There is money can't buy.... love and emotional. Not been with the same roof with both parent in that younger age is horrible. The children are for sure will miss laughter at home which is very important to built up self confident and out going personality. May be more what and how parent are damaging on their children. This the crazy doctor can tell you more than me.

They both might be OK but the children got screw up in their brain for NOT being growing up in normal happy life. Why I said that? I said that because....

I was brought up from a broken married. Once in my life I did not like my parent. I did not like them at all. I thought they are selfish and thinking about them only. I even do not know that I am OK say.... smart, pretty and attracted because my parent did not tell me that. Talking about that "Never" my father nor my mother tell me that I am beautiful also.

Believe me when I said I knew I was very OK only after I worked for UNDP and American Embassy. Then I went to Hong Kong and Macao. Can you believe it I knew more about me or that I am attracted and lots of men wanted to date me when I was waaaaaaay after 20 years old. Meantime in other world the girls are loosing their virginity at 13 year old!!!

I am starting to forgive my father when I have my son.

This was what happening in my younger life being without parent.

1. When I see other family together in the Church I feel sad because I do not have it with me.

2. When I need help on homework, on boyfriends, on relationship there is no one near to tell me what is right or wrong. I learn and still learning all by myself.

3. When on my graduation day my father was not with me. It was hurt. I was with my mother and my grandmother but I still feel that my father should see me on that important day of my life.

4. I did not have family holiday like others. I was the one flying between my father's house and my mother's house in Summer. Felt very angry and sad for since 9 years old I was flying a lone.

5. On my wedding day... there were not my parent except my sister and my grandmother. Well, my mom passed a way and my father did not care beside just one word and said, "Are you marrying that White man?" He was not interesting who this white man is. OK now he loves my son and Robins.

There are lot more to say but enough.

Tiger has money, tons of them but he must have not only "love" but also "time" to his very very young children.

Tiger failed as a good husband but hope he is success in "as a good father!!"

All the best to brother Tiger!!

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