Thursday, June 27, 2013

Sweet for my Sweet... Sugar for my honey!

The month of June 2013, my son was in south America for Intensive Study for Spanish language.  My son was born in Guatemala, a country which will be a part of our family.  I like Guatemala a lot.

"Agua"..., is my son's first Spanish spoken of his life!  I always hired his nanny only who does not speak English for the purpose of my son to speak another language.  I think I did it well. My son does speak Spanish and some writing.

On 25th 2013, my son flew out the schedule of Argentina -Washington DC -  Frankfurt-Bangkok.  Yes such a long flight but he came out from the plane like a sun flower full of watered in Bangkok's airport. 

Well,  let me share you this about sweet people around the world. 

Last time we spoke to my son was at Washington DC's airport and after that we can't connected with him on Skype.  I was starting to worry.  We track his plane down on computer so we knew that the plane was landed in Frankfurt safely. 

So I decided to call Thai Airways in Germany and  I spoke with a very nice Thai lady there.  I told her that I concerned about my son was check in or not.  She was very nice and understanding of my worry.  I also told her that my son is flying a long flight and wanted to know that he is check in the part of Frankfurt to Bangkok. Let me tell you this..... yes, the Thai lady asked me who I am, what is my son's name and the flight number!!!! Isn't she sweet??

The Thai lady gave me the number of Thai Airway lounge in Frankfurt and said, by law she can't give the phone number out for the security but she understand my worry.  The Thai airway is using Lufthansa lounge as Thai Lounge by agreement of between the two I guess.  The reason of the Thai lady so kind to me was.. as my son is not 18 yet, and also he was on such a long flight already!!!  Put it this way..... The Thai lady was SWEET!

I rang the phone at the Lufthansa/ Thai airway lounge and a German lady answered with the voice of similar to Hitler.  I said,  "I need your help, please check for me that my son XXXX XXXX is checking in or not?"  and she answered with the Nazi voice and said, "Madame by law we can't give out any information about the passenger!'  Then I told her, "Yes I understand it.  I am the mother of XXXX  XXXX and he was already such a long flight from Argentinaaaaa......"

My talking was not finished yet but she cut me off with the rude voice.  So I told her, "Do you have 17 year old son? Who travelling alone so long?"  She answered again with the mocking voice, "Yes I do have a 17 years old and I am not the care person of your son." and hung up abruptly.

I was so mad at this UNSWEET woman and I rang it again from Bangkok to Frankfurt and said to her with very loud voice, "Look, if you have 17 years old you better understand it." Then She said, "You are very rude and you did not tell me the name nor the flight!"  That point my blood boiled and said, "Did you ask me the name and the flight number? You keep telling me can't give the information out??" and she said, "This conversation is finished"!! Bangggggggggggggg hung up the phone.

Do you all know that there is a wired air traveler law. If your child is under 12, they consider as a minor traveler and the airline taking care of them for you.  Then over 18 years old they said adult!!! So I used to ask that how about between 12 to 18 years old?  No one can't tell me exactly the answer.  So I would ask to myself that Are they bustards air travelers??? Stupid law?????

I do respect the airline law but where is the proper conversation between the two of us??? Remember I am the one needed the help so I was sweet till she stirred up with the lemon!!!!

This woman is working may be 8 hours for just answering the phones... boring job?  I have no idea but I will be in Frankfurt lounge very soon and will fine out what her face looks like. 

LIFE!!! Lets us sweet with Sugar.