Monday, June 17, 2013

Hate your father and mother!

Went to the church with my husband yesterday. 

The pastor's bible picked was Luck 14:25-35 which started with, "Hate your father and mother......." on Father's day.  I got the smile tough.  When I was young, say my teenage years, every time when I read this bible verse, I was thinking how could a very loving God said such thing.  Later days I got the right track or the real meaning of  "Hate your father and mother!'

Let me flash back about my father and my mother a bit here.  As I did mention in one of my very old old blogs...., "I was NOT a planned child, I was a child of two, a very young couple who did not know what they are doing and here I came out."  Thanks God that I see how the earth and earthly looks like. Most of it, the day I become a mother to my only child.

My father was only 18 or 19 years old and mom was just a baby had had a baby when she was not even 16 yet.  I saw the first light of the creation when both of my parent were so young.

Of course that young couple did not make it to, "Till Dead Part!"  They divorced when I was......, may be 9? Not sure though but I remember I was very young. 

My father remarried to a shan lady and my mom also started a new life.  Me and my baby sister were so suffered.  I did not know much about parent love till I have my own son who I dearly love.  Then I realized that even my parent were not there with me and my sister, for sure they love us.

In the beginning, the more both of my parent were busy with their new lives, the more I felt so neglected.  I did not like them.  One point I would say I almost HATE my parent. My love was more to my sister than my parent. 

Now back to the bible pick!  The central thought was this.........., as our pastor explain.  "The relationships (and everything else in my life must daily pass the test of Jesus-priority and Jesus-usability.  Do our relationships move us toward or a way from Jesus?"

Do I pass the test? Without a lie I will answer, NO!

I said NO because sometime, actually most of the time I put my daily life, my worry, my health, my happiness, my content, my food, my shopping and my material life before my faith.  I was using the brain that God provides me but forgot that who put this brain in my head!!

What I have to do is put faith in the hands of my GOD first and then act accordingly with my brain!!!

My disliked to my parent is nothing to do with our Christ said, "Hate your father and mother."  What Christ mean is...., "nothing is important than following our Christ teaching!"

In Ten commandments, our GOD said it clearly......, "Thou shall honor your parent".  So important that God wants us to honor our parent.  Even more, Christ said, "Love your neighbor" . Yes, without a doubt my GOD is a loving GOD!!!

Yesterday in the Church, I got more clearly about the deep meaning of.. "Hate your father and mother!"  Thank you Pastor!!!

Happy father day to you all!!

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