Sunday, June 9, 2013

Helen on blog agian

Getting tired!  I was running all over..... selling my summer house at up north, seeing my grandmother who is 97, seeing my father who is turning 70 this year. 

Then I am leaving to USA soon as need to see my son's future college.  Can you believe it? My son is going to college.  This year I really feel getting old even most of the people is saying..... I look young.  Well Asian women do look younger than their age. 

My health... yes doctors are directing me to change my Hepsera to another kind of medicine because Hepsera is not good on my kidney if taking so long.  In my case, now almost 7 years with Hepsera.   Well I am 7 years far out of living with new liver too.  OH yes NO complain at all. Will do what ever my doctors are telling me to do so.

Blessing!!!  Yes indeed.  I thought I was dying 7 years ago when doctor told me I had huge tumor in my right sight of my liver.  That dying thought was the history now as I am still living with full of travelling, seeing friends and still with my family.

To all my blog readers may I request you this...., please put me in your prayers.  In Christ I trust and I will live my life with believing in my God till I depart from this world. 

May I share this from the upper room which I read last night. 

"I think no believer should judge the faithfulness or religious sensibility of others- the way they read the Bible, the way they pray, whether or not they go to Church. 

Scripture teaches that God, not humans, will decide who enters the kingdom.  While it is up to us to witness to our faith in Christ through our behavior, it is not ours to judge what's in another's heart.  Only God can do that."

After I read that I felt guilty because sometime I still do judge others and mad at others.  I did!!

-I was judging a lady who always look unfriendly even she is a Christian.
-I was judging my sister in law who living in my apartment in Rangoon  for free and joked about that she can sale my apartment under the Burmese laws!
-I was very mad at a woman who I found out lies and talk to me like I have no brain.
-I am sad to see our Choir group was now different churches.
-I was judging to a Church that why is this and why is that?

I even mad at my husband who accused me that I can't get along with his worker!!

Today service, the Pastor said this.......................
"We are so worry, so concern, so busy and the problem with this worry are so big that we can't see any things more even NOT realize that Christ become so small in our life!!"

I got the point!!!! Do you???

I honestly admit it here.  I still do not know how to handle those who make me mad and those keep lieing around me.  I might be still fighting back.  One thing I have to make sure is.... I will never let my Christ become so small in my life!! I will try my best so help me in prayers.

I love you my Christ.


Sara Yasin said...

You are in my prayers , God bless you

Helen said...

Thank you Sara Yasin!