Friday, June 14, 2013

One day in 3 countries

2 weeks ago I visited Golden Triangle with a young couple from Gainesville, a lady from Singapore, a Rangoon man, 2 Chinese ladies and Me!

Being there before. Used to be a lovely place, so greenery and very relaxing.  The great Mae Kong river runs through to 3 countries but now become so much tourist attraction center and many vendors are all over. Actually a kind of ugly place with no well organize it.  Now this place is not like before anymore.  Somehow I understand it. No one can't live longer with empty belly.

Each country (Thai, Laos and Burma),  has own immigration center but I doubt it everyone go through the office in that Golden Triangle. HERE the story which I wanted to share is.................,

The husband and wife from Gainesville, they are a young couple and the husband loves to do what ever news to him.  The Singapore woman has the Resident card with Burmese passport, the Rangoon man and one lady has permition to visit to the Golden Triangle from Thai authority, the young couple and another lady are US green card holders with Burmese passports.  Of course I do have the US passport with 2 years multiple visa of Thailand.  Remember I am the great yellow US citizen and I love every minutes of it. Love to be an American.

When we arrived at the triangle, many small boats runners approached to us to rent their boats to visit 3 countries in one day.  So I told the group, ok lets go to the Thai Immigration office to get the visas to go to Laos and Burma (we all were at the Thailand side).  The boat man giggled to dead and said to us that we no need to get the visas and they will take care of us for not arresting,  either Laos side or Thailand.  Said, grantee!!!  Moreover he offered us 1 hour to visit and shopping in Laos!

Of course I will not get arrest in Thailand because I do have 2 years visa but I have no Laos visa and I do not trust the boat driver.  I do not like the way his face expression and the boat owner's giggling.  How could it happen if the driver left us in Laos river bank?  Any things can be happened in that part of the world. Trust me on that please.   And..... the river is so wide in Golden triangle and I can't swim far either. I am NOT a good swimmer and I was a bit chicken out!!

I turned my head to all of them and said (in Thai), that I am not going THEREs, with my finger point it at to Laos and Burma.  I was firm that I am not going there without VISAs. I was/am thinking as a big city woman ways,  there is the right ways to do so.  I also said to myself, I am not going to end up in Laos nor Burmese jails . Can you imagine??? Hell NO!!  

Then the Singaporean woman said to all of us, if I, Helen is not going, she is not going either.  Singapore government teaches well to the Singaporeans.  That point, the rest of the group and the boat man getting upset as I was the party pooper.

The boat man and the young Gainesville guy, I can see their faces turned into like, hitting by the fart bombs.  Of course I knew, the boat man wanted the 500 baths for the renting, the young guy had the ants in his pants to see Laos and the Burma without visas. Dare to do age???

Then the boat man told me to stand by the bank and to study well that how he runs the boats Business.  He was yelling at me in English.. look, see, look, see. Of course I got the point what he means. He wanted me to understand look, see and go!!

To my amazing...., many boats were in lines and you name it white, black, yellow and orange (red neck), people (tourists), were getting in and out from his boats. His kinds of boats were running all over the Mae Kong river like ants swimming in the river.  Plenty!!!!  I mean lots of boats. I guess he is the boats mafia who gives enough money to both sides to run his boats freely in the river. Sure it???

Then I saw an American couple, Finland couple, more white dudes came out of the boat, that point I said to myself, looked like ok to do so. 

I asked the boat man where is the toilet? he pointed me a place.  I went in, took out my beloved US passport, tucked into my tight underwear.  I lefted only Thai Driver license and Florida License in my purse in case someone ask me the ID. 

The heat were so strong on that day... I was sweat like a pig.  My sweating was running through to my passport which I thought I safely hided in my underwear.  When the trip was over, my passport was so sweat that I had to expose it to the sun!!!!

I will say.... the different ways of running in the different country! and learn it that on this earth some places are running without government.

Yes.. I did it in one day to 3 countries. Am I enjoyed it? 
Not that much but I could say 50/50.