Thursday, October 31, 2013

7 Years out from Liver Transplant!!

Today is my new liver birthday!!  Its 7 years on 30th October.
I decided to share this moment on email only, not on Facebook nor Twitter which I don't share such occasion just like this to every one.
Yes, its 7 years ago today at University of Florida Hospital,  I was waiting in the preparation room to get my new liver.  Time fly very fast but I never ever forget this day when it arrive each year.  Beside celebrating  many events but this one is giving me both happiness and sadness feeling to me.  I still do thinking about the family who gave me this precious present, my new liver.
I am doing real well except 8 months ago my liver enzyme went up but they fixed it after did some pocking to my liver's bile ducts.  Now all are perfectly functioning.  Am I happy?  Yes very much every time I pass one year.   Tonight I am inviting my Pastor to my home and will say, "Thank you to my Christ!' with him and friends. 
On Life, I don't understand very well but I keep my faith on.  I say that because I have seen the bastards are doing well and the honest are striking,  some fighting to live but 6 days old baby die, some has millions and fighting some have tiny but happily eating dinner with the family. 
I am in Florida since August.  Enjoying my Tennis, Hip-hop, Poker,  friend and my mother in law.  Need to do some check up all over which is line up on next week.  Oh yes,  chasing my new insurance too.  Base on my own life experience, some how I like Obama care but I don't like his Immigration law.  Well please do not think I am freely  loading from Obama care. Yes, its do cost me NOT cheap BUT OK.  Well, compare to that stupid my ex insurance which was sucking us shamefully and also gave my husband huge deep depression, this insurance is better.  I hope I can say, now all is over.  Thanks goodness that I no need to go on line which is not working well for the moment.  I am freely can shop.  Thank you to Ms.  Mary, from University of Florida account who told me how and what I have to do.  
Robins is doing Ok.  He likes busy!!  On the way to Arkansas for meeting with Wal-Mart people.  I hope he is not going to retire in Thailand as I am planning to retire in Florida.  He is saving for his old age.   Now I know why American people are saving like a dog eating nothing but BONE!  Life is not that fun if your destination is SAFE and DIE.    If I am not with liver transplant, I could very happily to retire in Guatemala or Thailand if Robins passes his midlife crisis nicely. Not much news about him, that's all I can share.
Now, my son!!  He just had his 18 years birthday.  He is doing well not on top of the class but satisfaction level.   His tennis is good.  Still tall and handsome boy.    I am worry about his future collage.  He did mention me 2 fields that he really interesting.  First one is, he wants to work in Holly wood behind camera with computer.  That's fine with me as long as he is not marry with the Hollywood movie stars who stay marry from 2 days to 2 years!!  I might end up punching my bad future ex daughter in law's face.     Second one is...., Shan wants to be a medicine research team.   Good deal? No idea.  So thankful that he is a nice child.  For me is he  going to be rich or famous, I don't know much but I pray that he will be a drug free, no womanizer nor lier.  I want him to be a happy man with a woman who loves him truly.
I will say this.....,   My doctors did a good job, I got a good liver, my husband meet the payment for that I say thank you to them.  Also some of you in this email are still praying for me, Thanks you all. 
Above all, to my God who makes this liver to stay well, to response well to the medicines which I am taking,  thank you so much Dear Christ.  I know how I pray, how I have faith in him.  I will or won't compare my blessing to others.  Each day when I wake up and notice that I am breathing from this freely gift OXYGEN, I know I have to say thank you!!


Anonymous said...

I will share some emails that sent back to me. Thanks you all. For privacy purpose, I won't mention any of names who sent me the emails.

Helen said...

Dear Princess Helen,

Touched by your testimony how God took care of you. You're a blessing because you're a living testimony how true and almighty is the God we serve. Continue to keep the passion of serving the LOrd. You've been and will be a blessing to me. My prayers are for you and the whole family that God will keep you and protect you always.

All the glory belongs to the Lord. SOLI DEO GLORIA!

In Him Alone,

Helen said...

Oct 30 at 12:09 PM

Thank much for sharing, Helen, very glad to "see" your good spirit!

Hui is in Bangkok now but will leave for Guam on Sunday. I heard that you will come to Bangkok soon and have Christmas here.

Look forward to seeing you then.


Anonymous said...

My dear Helen,

A short note of well wishing to celebrate your remarkable joyous moment. You will live a long and happy life because you are thankful for every moment of it and if I were God, this is the kind of good people that he needs to keep on this earth, not those selfish pigs who are full of bad ego and disgusting attitude.

Have a great days and many, many more.

Anonymous said...


I Love you so so so much!!!! You have the most wonderful and clean soul!!!! Im so happy and thankfull to be called your friend. Thank you so much for sharing this with me.

Life has its ways and God never lives us along in that path. Everything happens for something. I was telling my daughters the other day that life is like a big puzzle. Somethimes you put the pieces and you might think it's the right one and it's not. And you only understand it after you see the whole thing put together.

Sometimes its hard to understand all that you say here in your mail. Why some suffer and why the ones you want to suffer dont…..??? I dont have the asnwer, but life has shown me that everything happens for a reason. and God needs his best soldiers to be strong and learn to be better when we are with him. And this life is college!!!

Some never learn, thats also true!!! But if we have this learning opportunities and come out as good as you have!!!!! leasson passed!!!

You are great Helen you will see all the good things that will happen to Shawn!! he is a great kid!!!

Hope to see you soon!!!

love and kisses

Anonymous said...

Helen, you have written a letter full of faith, hope, and gratitude. Thank you for sending it to me. Your faith encourages my sometimes wavering faith.

Your writing skills keep getting better and better. But I did enjoy some of the expressions you used years ago when you would write letters.

Your hopes for Shan are the hopes every mother has for her children. We want them to be happy, to be productive, to be healthy and to be a person of good character. YOU have given Shan a good example in the way you lead your life. HAPPY LIVER BIRTHDAY!!!!! With love and admiration

Anonymous said...

Dear Helen,

I am grateful every time I see you happy and healthy. Live your life to the fullest with kindness and gratitude.

Because worry is a total waste of time. It doesn’t change anything, all it does is steal your joy and keep you

very busy doing nothing.

Good people give you happiness

Bad people give you experience

Worst people give you a lesson

And best people give you memories


Anonymous said...

Congratulations, Helen! It will be sad when you retire to Florida and we are all here in Bangkok. But at least you'll come back soon!


Anonymous said...

ppy Anniversary to your buddy. Just returned from India last night. See you soon in BKK. LOL, N.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on the anniversary, Helen. My thoughts are often with you. May you enjoy many more 7 year cycles!


Anonymous said...

Keep praising God for the life he has entrusted to you!!! You are a blessing.

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