Friday, July 3, 2009

What happening in our world?

Yesterday I was out from 7 am and back home 4pm. I had finished some jobs. I went to check up my Prograf Level and HBIG immune level. Both are good. Prograf at 5.9 and HBIG 97 !! I got 3 cc shot of HBIG for to be in a safe side.

I am born with Shan, Lahu and Chinese Bloods mixed up by all the way back from my great grand parents. Now....see this, I am with an American's liver and getting Italian's HBIG shot, (it is getting by donation too if I remembered correctly). I have been getting this HBIG from Italy for a year now. My second chance of life mixing with two more nationalities by blood now.....American and Italian!! Thank you guys, I mean it!! Life.... you never know what lay a head of you! What a marvellous way to live. I think I am special in some how someway.

Here if you want to know what is "HBIG"!!

"What is Hepatitis B immune globulin (HBIG)?Hepatitis B immune globulin (HBIG) is a blood plasma product that can prevent hepatitis B if given within 14 days of an exposure to an infected individual. HBIG is effective 85-90% of the time and protects against hepatitis B for about 3 months. HBIG is necessary if the exposed person has not been vaccinated against hepatitis B and has never had a hepatitis B infection. HBIG is given in combination with the 3 dose hepatitis B vaccine series after exposure to the blood or sexual body fluids of a person with hepatitis B. HBIG and hepatitis B vaccine may be recommended for you if you have had sexual contact or a blood exposure from someone who has hepatitis B."

Above of all, a precious soul (can't live without it), which is giving to me by my merciful GOD! Too bad if you are not agree with it but I know and feel that what I am talking about.

Went to have lunch with Shan at the Emporium Mall at noon. Shan said to me, "Ma ma I want to see movie, "Transformer" . I am too old for such kind of movie so I told him, "You go a lone and I will pick you up after 2 hours and 20 minutes long movie". He agreed and I left after settled him down in the movie hall.

Then I went to see 4 condors to buy....Soi 15 building, a Skytrain entrance attached building at On Nut, another Skytrain entrance attached building at Ekkamai station. I love the one in Ekkamai one. Wowwwww, see this again! The one at the Ekkamai station, on the first floor is full of Cosmetic Doctors Clinic, Chiropractic, eye clinics and plastic surgery offices!! There is spas and full of restaurants. I found one apartment on the 8th floor. We are going to see it this afternoon agian as Robins will make the final deal.

See we will make money on that?

This morning BBC news said..."By August there will be 100,000 people will contact with swine flu". Robins was watching with me. As living with a new liver, for me this is dangerous!! Glad the new also said if vaccine is available...the Transplant Patients will be list as priority.

Last night at my devotional time this is what I read..............

"In March 1918, Albert Gitchel, and Army cook at Fort Riley, Kansas, was diagnosed with the flu. Before the year was out , it had spread around the world, killing perhaps as many as 40 million people. This highly contagious virus became a pandemic-a global epidemic.

One physician reported that patients would rapidly show flu-like symptoms, develop the worst type of pneumonia he had ever seen , and then suffocate within hours. Fortunately, the influenza disappeared as mysteriously as it had begun. But the doctors remained baffled by its cause and were helpless to find a cure.

Ancient Israel also suffered a devastating plague, but hey knew its cause and asked Moses for a cure. (Do they have doctors Moses 's times? I guess God is in directly control) !! they were ungrateful and complained about God's provision of manna. In righteous anger, God send serpents whose poisonous bite left a lethal wound. God then told Moses to make a bronze serpent and put it on a pole. All who looked at it were healed (Num.21:1-9)".

Helen's thinking: When God said to Israeli "All who looked at the serpent bronze will be healed". I noticed that God said, "Looked at!", Not "Worship at!" which is a huge different things.

With this "a bronze serpent" I, Helen sees...God can heal us in his ways. I knew that a bronze serpent is NOT the one healing the bite but God's power is. Doctors need flu shot, Tylenol, operations lists go on...but I also noticed that Moses's time what God needs is only bronze serpent to show his power of healing!!

For me, I am living with not that new liver only but I am living with God who makes this new liver works in me. Beside earthly needs, I need God's help the most.

I am not a Pastor or theologist or Bible expert but I have faith in God... that's all I have!

"..Whoever believes in Him Should not perish but have eternal life".
John 3:14-15

For my earthly life, all up to God to stay till when!!

To get a eternal life, I am still working on it. Sometime I feel I am failing but sometime I do feel I am doing OK. The final call is not by me but by the good God!!

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